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As an overwhelmed, stressed-out bride, Pamela was exactly the kind of helper that I didn’t think I could get.  You know how lots of lovely, well-meaning people will offer to help with your wedding, but it just ends up making more work for you because you have to address the line of people asking you for something to do?  That’s exactly the kind of helper that Pamela isn’t.  She quietly observed everything everything going on and would essentially assign herself a task, turning “What can I do?” into “Looks like I can help you with this – okay?”.  Pamela is the perfect balance between independent and detail-oriented.  She recognized that I had a very specific vision, but somehow knew which details needed my attention and which ones didn’t.  When I think back to Pamela’s involvement in my wedding, I still let out a sigh of relief.  Whatever it is, if it’s in her hands, I know she will make it extraordinary.

Lauren M.
Atlanta, GA

To have a professional production dancer cover my Zumba classes was quite a treat for my students!  Pamela was prepared to share her love of dance through her Zumba choreography.  At the studio, she prepared the room, ensured that the space was obstacle-free and set-up the sound system.  She completed any administrative tasks that I asked of her and the class started right on time!  The students LOVED her and the energy that she exuded was contagious.  I couldn’t have asked for anyone better!

Lindy O. (Zumba Instructor)
Ridgefield, CT

Pam Najera helped me move house some years ago.  She was super efficient.  What would normally take months to pack, we did it in weeks!  She was so efficient.  All boxes labeled, no broken plates.  She even dropped off items at the Goodwill store.  And she also helped me unpack the boxes in our new place. Always on time, no complaints.  I don’t know how long it would have taken me without her.  I also referred Pam to the daughter of my friend who needed a babysitter for her two boys.  She told me that the boys loved Pam, and wanted her to stay longer!

Mona Lisa Y.
San Francisco, CA

We turned to Pamela to house and dog sit while we were on a 3 week vacation to Europe. She was reliable, trustworthy, diligent and went above and beyond. While we were away she worked on various projects around the house. She organized book shelves, my home office and parts of the garage.  She also took care of our Portuguese Water Dog who requires a lot of walks and affection. When we returned home we arrived to a happy dog, immaculate home, and the most delicious Shepards pie – a nice surprise after a very long journey. If you are looking for someone responsible who will get things done in a timely and efficient way, Pamela is the perfect person to hire.

Imelda O.
San Francisco, CA


Linda H.
Greenbay, WI

For business or personal needs, I would highly recommend Pamela Najera to assist you with the growing needs of your household, home business and overall life.

Larry N.
Macon, GA

I highly recommend Pamela’s skills as a choreographer. When I contacted her, it was about two weeks before my show premiered, and I was worried there wouldn’t be enough time for her to come up with a dance. She got back to me right away and had the dance choreographed within 24 hours of receiving the music I sent her. She suggested I increase the tempo to make the piece easier for dancing, which I believe helped a lot. She went over the dance with me on Zoom and in person. As I was learning, I appreciated her patience and encouragement as well as her clear communication on what I could improve. I’m not a trained dancer, but in working with Pamela, I never felt like I couldn’t do it. At the same time, I also really appreciated her specific suggestions for things to fix. As a teacher myself, I can tell you that Pamela knows how to teach!

After our in-person rehearsal, Pamela stayed in touch with me by text to ask how I was doing and if I had any questions. We had a quick additional Zoom session so she could see how I was progressing. She again gave clear and helpful feedback. I felt prepared and confident, and on the day of the show, the dance went off without a hitch. I got lots of compliments, including one from a friend who is a burlesque dancer. I am so glad I decided to work with Pamela, and if I need choreography again in the future, you can bet I will go to her. She’s a pleasure to work with.

Catherine B – San Diego, CA

Catherine B.
San Diego, CA

NOT a dancer but a wanna-be, and fool that I am, I’d created a theatre piece where I was gonna have to do just that! Dance. Pamela Michael to the rescue! She made herself available to me at the drop of a hat, and with such warmth and joy for my exploration. Once together, Pamela intuited my fear, and knew my idle chatter was a form of procrastination. Wisely, she suggested we listen to the music a few times, let it wash over us. It calmed me down. I felt so heard. She came up with something on the spot and so on target. Her choreography was clever, charming, within my serious limitations, but also featured my strengths. Such good taste, she knows what will pique/titillate an audience and how to tell a story with movement. I became so enthralled in her elegant moves, I lost my self-consciousness as I shadowed her. She really is a sister. Gentle, I felt safe in her guidance. Not to mention, she doesn’t waste time, or rather, didn’t let me fritter away our time together with insecurity. Remembering this experience now, I’m conjuring up excuses to work with Pamela Michael again and again! Her love for the art form is just that infectious!

Alessandra A. (writer, actress, solo-artist)
New Orleans, LA

Alessandra A.
New Orleans, LA

Hiring Pam as my dance choreographer for my one-woman show, Naturally Tan, was the best decision I ever made. I came to Pam with the music and a chore that I somehow cobbled together for my first show. Pam sprinkled her magic and took the dance to new professional heights for every show since!  She honed in on my natural movements and the essence of my main character to create a one of a kind dance chore that we’ve been tailoring for each theater that I’ve been performing the show at! Pam is attentive, passionate, fun, helpful, encouraging, and gives you the confidence you need to PLAY on stage! She worked with my schedule and is always a phone call or text away. She is dedicated and committed to the project and always checks in prior to the show. I wholeheartedly recommend Pam for your dance choreography or personal assistant needs. I am so thankful to have Pam on my team!

Tanya T. (actress, voice-over actress, writer, solo-artist)
Thousand Oaks, CA

Tanya T.
Thousand Oaks, CA

I hired Pamela to choreograph 3 numbers in my One Woman Show “Postpardon Me.” She went above and beyond and far exceeded my expectations.  I didn’t even really know what I wanted or needed but just knew I needed some movement for the numbers. I danced years ago but was way out of practice.  She made it fun and so cute and most importantly easy for me to learn and retain.  Working with Pam is a blast. She is supportive and caring and a truly gifted artist. It was an honor to collaborate with her and hiring her was one of the best things I did as a producer for my show. And seeing her smiling face in the audience opening night was the absolute best.  Until the next time…“ 

Liesel Hlista
Los Angeles, CA

Liesel H.
Los Angeles, CA

Working with Pamela was absolutely incredible. She didn’t just teach me her magic of choreography and movements but she also tailored it to the WAY my body moves.Since my dance background comes from a lot of Zumba, she watched my Zumba videos, learned how my body moves and brought ideas to the table for choreography that would compliment that. Pamela never wanted me “in my head” since as solo artists there’s already so much to juggle. Collaborating with Pamela allowed the visions I had created in my imagination to come to life!  She also made sure that all of my dances looked as good as they possibly could on that stage by teaching me certain dance techniques. Pamela isn’t just a choreographer, she’s a delightful human and collaborator that made my show the absolute best it could be. Thank you Pamela for all of your beautiful insight, your generous spirit and all the magic you brought to my show!

Cindy C. (actress, voice-over actress, writer, solo-artist)
Thousand Oaks, CA

Cindy C.
Thousand Oaks, CA

I’ve been meaning to write this review about Pamela, who we hired to take care of our 15 year old Portuguese Water Dog, Max. We needed someone who was going to take care of him at our home while we were away on vacation. This review is primarily for dog sitting though she was excellent at house sitting as well. Pamela maintained his normal schedule with feedings, walks and play dates at the park. She made sure that he was at the dog park during the time his dog buddies were there and kept us posted with photos of him. She went out of her way to buy extra food and treats and even found a ‘doggie tv channel’ to put on while she ran out to the store. We would definitely hire her again and recommend her to anyone looking for a trustworthy and caring dog sitter.

Imelda O. (Kundalini Yoga Teacher)
Calistoga, CA

Imelda O.
Calistoga, CA